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Want to turn your ordinary and rather neglected area into something more serene and therapeutic? A secluded space? A meditation garden? Many of us have the same goal. Meditation and healing gardens are becoming more popular as people seek to create a physical environment that reflects their need for relaxation, contemplation, and an escape from stress. Walking meditation, yoga, tai chi or merely sit, breathe and retreat from the world. The calming effects of spending time in a garden, or in nature, are many, if only to enjoy a refuge from the constant sensory bombardment of urban life.  A healing garden needn't be expansive; some of the most beautiful gardens are just pockets of space with various well designed layers and textures. Those who have access to a garden experience dramatic drops in stress levels, blood pressure, and pain. Researchers have found that the more a garden engages the senses, the stronger its ability to distract us from the stressful whirlwind of our thoughts. To that end, we create healing gardens that focus on stimulating all the senses; not just sight and smell, but also sound, touch, and even taste. Just being outdoors elicits more awareness of what's around us. We might feel a breeze on our skin, see a bird in the sky, hear a bee buzz and immediately, it becomes an interactive experience, awakening ones senses and thus opening one to a deeper understanding of both their surroundings and themselves. When we get lost in nature, it takes our mind off our ills and worries, which permits us to enjoy this life just a little more.