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Metta Landscapes is a full service landscape company with three divisions under one roof: Landscape Architecture, Landscape Contracting and Landscape Maintenance. We are based in Half Moon Bay, California where we draw inspiration from the natural beauty that abounds in our locale. 


We specialize in careful, attentive garden care with an emphasis on quality and detail. Our team of knowledgeable professionals are available to ensure all of our clients' garden needs are met within a reasonable timeframe. With decades of combined experience, the Metta Landscapes team is recognized as one of the foremost leaders in the installation and maintenance of Bay Area estate landscapes.



Our clients care about their gardens and trust Metta Landscapes with the supervision and management of all aspects of garden maintenance. Our attention to detail and the unique needs of every plant in your garden ensure that your landscape looks beautiful every day of the year.


A proud member of the Perfect Earth Project, Metta Landscapes schedules all horticultural practices, including fertilizing and pruning, for optimum plant health and minimum environmental impact.


Metta Landscapes can evaluate your garden and suggest various ways of saving water such as choosing more drought-tolerant species, updating irrigation techniques or installing artificial turf.

Installation, Irrigation and Lighting

We help create beautiful gardens with our installation services, including planting, irrigation and outdoor lighting. Our experienced Project Managers and craftspeople provide detailed bids, smooth execution and the highest quality materials.

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